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Nissan Synergy

Car designed and modeled by Robert She

What is Synergy?

“Synergy is a cloud-based ecosystem designed for Nissan that unifies your devices and online accounts so that you can have a more enjoyable and safe automotive experience. Synergy was designed to be integrated in a ride-share system that would allow users to rent a car in autonomous mode or traditional driver mode. Each mode uses different physical elements of the car to allow the user to stay connected and enhance their experience. In driver mode, all information will be displayed on the windshield through an LED-based HUD. All of the driver’s physical controls are accomplished with a multi-touch touchpad located on the back of the steering wheel. The driver also has the option to use always-on voice commands. Passengers in driver or autonomous mode are given the option to convert the dashboard into a 15-inch touch-based entertainment system that syncs with the content on your phone wirelessly.

HUD Interface

Windshield Controls

Steering Wheel Controls

Synergy App



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