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The purpose of this project was to look at ATM’s and think of better ways to interact with them. We started by researching current ATM’s and their flows to develop questions to better understand the user. Those questions were sent out on google docs and answered both in person and anonymously. Based on the feedback we got we developed 3 different personas with their own specific user story, user journey, and user flow to fulfill the needs of our users. We used that information to develop wireframes and had users test the usability of those wireframes using invision.

Auditing ATM User Flows

To gain a better understanding of ATM’s, we audited the following banks and third party ATM’s to view their user flows:


We asked ourselves, “what are some characteristics that every ATM has in common?”. Rather than state obvious actions such as ‘gives money’ or ‘deposit checks’, we wanted to go a little deeper. It was only after we come up with a list of categorizes that we were able to create our survey.

Personas, User Stories, and Journeys

Based on the results of our survey, we created a set of 3 personas that we thought best represented the data. For each persona, we created user stories to identify what type of role they play, the task they want to accomplish and the value they receive from the task. Lastly, we developed user journeys.

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